Thursday, February 10, 2011

Key factors to Fuzzerfood diet

The Fuzzerfood diet is for dogs who have issues with calcium oxalate uroliths. This diet is used as a preventative after the stones have been removed, and has been successful where prescription diets have failed. There is much to know about this diet, but the key factors are:
  • Feed fresh meat, grains, and veggies that are low in oxalate content in proper ratio to provide enough protein (33-40%)
  • Add calcium citrate powder to food (Now is a good brand). General amount is 300-350 mg per cup of food. 
  • Avoid all Vitamin C or D supplements, and salt
  • Add Vitamin E,  B, Omega 3 fish oil, and Lysmachia-3 at feeding time based on your dog's weight
  • Distilled water only


Fairy Blog Mother said...


I was wondering where do you get your vitamin supplements from? I'm having difficulties finding vitamin B supplement for dogs and I'm not sure how much of the human version I should feed to my 10 lbs yorkie (with my bad math calculation, I think it's like 1/16 of 1 human vitamin B tablet)

Also with the homemade meal - can I cook the meat instead of using raw?

Thank you so much!

Fawn said...

You can cook the meat if you want. It's just important to cook the veggies to remove any oxalates. By not cooking the meat, they absorb more of the nutrients, and their systems can handle any bacteria that may be in uncooked meat. And it's just one less step.

I bought my vitamins from Seems they are now out of business, but you can get the same stuff anywhere online. I bought the Now foods brand for all my vitamins. Try this link for the B vitamins. This is what I used -

Fawn said...

I gave Scooter a 50 mg B Complex 2x a day, and she was around 40 pounds.

Fairy Blog Mother said...

Thanks Fawn!

Your blog has been super helpful, I just cooked the recipe you posted for my Yorkie and he loved it.

Scooter was a very lucky dog to have such a caring owner!

Fawn said...

Thank you! I was the lucky one.