Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update and Info on Yahoo Group

It's been a year now since Scooter had her last surgery for her front toe. Her stone surgery was in June of 2008. I've been feeding the Fuzzer Diet since July 2008, and it seems to be keeping her healthy and STONE FREE. No problems for awhile now. Cooking the food is a major pain actually, but it's keeping her healthy and away from the vet office so that's what matters. For anyone out there who has a dog prone to calcium oxalate stones, you can try the recipe I posted earlier, and join the K9Kidney Diet group here:, where there is a wealth of knowledge regarding this. If you decide to home cook for your dog, you will need to supplement with vitamins, most importantly Vitamin B, E, and Omega 3s/fish oil.

My Base Recipe

This is the recipe I use most often for cooking for Scooter. I add the meat in fresh later. I usually quadrupole the recipe, saving 1 batch for the fridge, and seperating the grains/veggies into 3 separate freezer bags for later to mix with fresh meat. I use ground turkey most often, but will sub chicken or beef sometimes. The rice measurement is after cooking.

Broccoli, Carrots, Peas, Rice, Turkey

Ingredient Weight
Measurement Equalivant
Broccoli, frozen, boiled 6.4 ounce 2.0 cup
Carrots, frozen, boiled 2.5 ounce 0.5 cup
Peas, frozen, boiled 2.5 ounce 0.5 cup
White Rice, cooked 12.0 ounce 2.0 cup
Ground Turkey, raw 20.8 ounce 1.0 package
Calcium Citrate powder 1560 mg 2.23 teaspoon


1. Boil veggies in tap water and drain
2. Use distilled water to make rice
3. Add Calcium Citrate powder
4. Mix all together

Nutritional Info

Calories 1446

Carbs 35%

Fats 31%

Protein 34%

Phosphorous (mg) 1248