Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vet visit and prescription food

Scooter is doing well and healing nicely. I went back to the vet today for a second bandage change. The vet also removed the staples from her belly, and said she is doing well. I have to bring her back either Saturday or Monday to get her stitches removed from her paw. On Monday I got the results back from the biopsy of the tissue that came out of her bladder. It was just polyps, no tumor! That was good news for sure. Still waiting to see the composition of the stones - whether struvite or oxalate, uric or whatever. Oxalate is most likely.

The vet said something on the phone about putting her on a prescription canned diet called S/O, which I think is from Walthum or Royal Canin. I found some info on it and it is a diet to prevent all types of stones, by limiting the minerals she isn't supposed to have and adding the ones she should have. Unfortunately, it also contains a lot of meat by-products, and looks like an unhealthy food overall. If I'm going to pay a lot for a food, I'd rather it have good quality ingredients in it. I would consider feeding it temporarily, but would have to talk to my vet more about it.

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