Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vet visit and prescription food

Scooter is doing well and healing nicely. I went back to the vet today for a second bandage change. The vet also removed the staples from her belly, and said she is doing well. I have to bring her back either Saturday or Monday to get her stitches removed from her paw. On Monday I got the results back from the biopsy of the tissue that came out of her bladder. It was just polyps, no tumor! That was good news for sure. Still waiting to see the composition of the stones - whether struvite or oxalate, uric or whatever. Oxalate is most likely.

The vet said something on the phone about putting her on a prescription canned diet called S/O, which I think is from Walthum or Royal Canin. I found some info on it and it is a diet to prevent all types of stones, by limiting the minerals she isn't supposed to have and adding the ones she should have. Unfortunately, it also contains a lot of meat by-products, and looks like an unhealthy food overall. If I'm going to pay a lot for a food, I'd rather it have good quality ingredients in it. I would consider feeding it temporarily, but would have to talk to my vet more about it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Post Surgery Photos

I picked Scooter up today around noon. As soon as she saw me she started wining and crying, like she was relived to be out of there. She got up the steps fine, but I had to carry her down later because she just kept wining. She has about 13 sutures on her belly and a big padded bandage on her foot. I don't know what it looks like underneath, but I'm sure it's not pretty. I'm glad she's home and doing ok. She's not feeling too good, but she still has her appetite and is resting.

Here are some post surgery photos:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We decided to go ahead with both surgeries. I took her in this morning around 7:30, and she was done by 1:00.

The vet took another x-ray of bladder, which showed the stones had spread out, which confirmed that the previous x-ray was a collection of small stones congregated in one spot. Besides the stones in her bladder, she had an area of inflamed and irritated tissue, blood clots, and thickened tissue. The vet collected cells from the area for a biopsy to rule out any cancer, but is optimistic it is not. She is sending the stones for analysis to the University of Minnesota, since they offer free analysis. I only have to pay shipping and handling, but it will take 3 weeks. She is confident that the stones are the calcium oxalate type anyway. A quicker analysis would cost $120. After the analysis we will talk about her diet, but for now she suggested I increase her water intake and feed canned food, which I have already started to do.

As for the tumor on the toe, she took off the tumor and only one toe. She also took off that nasty mole on the same foot that she is always licking. She said she couldn't leave it there in good conscience. So I guess that was a freebie. I was actually thinking about asking her to take that off anyway, but didn't want to spend more money. She'll have a padded bandage on her foot for a few days. I'll have to bring her back in on Saturday morning to get the bandages changed.

She'll have to take an antibiotic for a week, and Tramadol for pain. She also wants her to continue taking Piroxicam. The vet is also writing a prescription for a pain patch that she may or may not need that I can get filled at Giant.

She is resting at the vet's office now on morphine and will stay overnight. The vet will call me in the morning with an update and let me know when I can pick her up.