Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vet Costs and Photos

Photos of her tumor:

We've spent $1253.39 on this since March 6.

Do we have real concrete answers? No. Do we know what we're going to do? No. If we end up doing surgery for the bladder and the foot, it could add another $1300 to the total. It makes it even harder to decide since Scooter is almost 13 years old, has arthritis, cloudy eyes, and other lumps all over her body that we don't know about. But she appears to be healthy otherwise. I want to take care of her so she feels better.

The biopsy confirmed the tumor is malignant - a spindle cell tumor, slow growing, unlikely to spread, but likely to grow bigger. Quote for surgeries to remove tumor, toe amputation, and bladder surgery is $1600-$1700. I've consulted with the other vet at Del Ray (Dr. Mixon) and Brianna's vet friend Jen Pacey to discuss other options and opinions, but it's looking like surgery is the best option.

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